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Xavier Slim
Xavier SlimUpdated 5 months ago

Complete Facebook SDK for React Native

Facebook Login is a free-to-use development kit that lets you develop third-party apps for the social media platform using the React Native platform, a third-party JavaScript library containing custom commands and systems to make development easier. It helps you create apps in the native Facebook environment, making your work easily optimized for various devices that run the massive social media platform.

It is important to recognize that Facebook Login and the rest of React Native is now a standalone development kit. You might also check Facebook SDK for Android and DirectX SDK for more programming options.

An independent, third-party SDK

Facebook Login is a software development kit (SDK), a collection of tools and programming libraries that makes it easier to develop applications. It contains a compiler, a debugger, and a complete software framework. The additional aspect of this kit is that it’s built around React Native, an open-source framework for the creation of user interfaces (UI). For your apps, it makes the resulting project easier to meet convenient app usage.

The strength of the React Native platform is that it basically lets you develop an app using a single codebase, with the software framework automatically making adjustments to optimize the device for other systems and platforms. Whether it’s for Android or iOS for mobile devices or even for web-based browsers on tablets and computers. Ultimately, it allows for faster development time since you no longer have to reconfigure your project for optimization across devices.

Also, as mentioned above, the app utilizes custom libraries from the React Native environment. It includes a core package for native user interface components such as Image, Text, and View. It also offers great cross-platform integration using its own UI paradigm developed for JavaScript. Not only does it help in the optimization, but it also lets you export different components for your apps and integrate them seamlessly.

Comes in a small, unsecure package

The kit comes in a small package, requiring only 18.6 MB for the compressed package and 38 MB for the entire SDK. Make sure to download it only from its official sources. Since it is an open-source framework distributed in compressed files, anyone can add or remove files on it. This packaging leaves the entire kit vulnerable, and unofficial downloads could risk your device getting exposed to security threats.

Lastly, it’s a prerequisite to have an understanding of app development and programming languages to use the SDK effectively. However, there are a number of resources for newcomers to help you adapt faster. The library includes links to the React Native GitHub platform. Further exploration lets you get help from other users and developers using the same kit through threads addressing different aspects and issues and development.

Develop your own Facebook app

With Facebook Login, you develop your own third-party app with increased speed and efficiency. It has a lot of unique tools to help you develop your app, from built-in user interface tools, cross-platform integration, and optimization capabilities. It helps you save time by letting you work on a single codebase and the platform automatically translates and optimizes them. However, make sure only to download the SDK from official sources.


  • Contains a complete SDK environment
  • Offers custom libraries
  • Cross-platform integration and optimization


  • Unsecure distribution package
  • Requires an understanding of JavaScript

Program available in other languages

Facebook Login for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V varies-with-device
  • 4.6
  • (367)
  • Security Status

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